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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Paige's Creation

As some of you know, we have been having some money problems. This means that Paige is going to start getting free lunch at school. It kills me to have her eating that garbage, but it is free and for a little while, necessary. Still, she needs lunch until it comes through, so today she made a bento for herself. The rice is supposed to have a bear and a rabbit in sesame seeds, the stenciling can be a problem though, but I can see them, can you? Her carrots have a little dressing on them and more sesame seeds, otherwise there are octodogs and pineapple. I am just happy she remembered a veggie!


  1. I can see them! Did she ever finish her video? I hope things start working our for you guys. I know it's rough but I'm thoroughly impressed with your positive outlook. School lunch might not be the best but if it works, it works!

  2. No, she hasn't yet. I have reminded her a couple of times but I think she realized that it needs a little more planning than she originally thought. :) And thanks for the compliment!

  3. It is totally awesome that she made it herself. I can see the bunny and the bear! I'm sorry that things are tough right now :( Hopefully everything will work out and get better soon!