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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Girl Likes Her Omelets

Today Paige and I decided on the rolled omelet for the protein. I filled it out with some potato salad I threw together this morning and pickled burdock root and an ominous sounding pink pickle that was referred too simply as "vegetable pickle", but hey, it is pink! Tomatoes are no longer on the menu. First because Paige doesn't really like them and second because they are over 4 dollars a pint. We can live without the pretty red unless I can afford red peppers which are pretty expensive too. I guess that this is turning into a budget bento blog too!


  1. I passed up a few things at the store for the same reasons. I still haven't been able to find pickled burdock root here. I'll trade you for some tomatoes, lol!

  2. The prices are getting more and more ridiculous. It is probably due to the rising cost of oil. I would ship some pickled burdock root out to you, but it is refrigerated and I am not sure how to get it to you safely.