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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Chili Night

Even though it was hot out yesterday, it is going to be even hotter today, plus I will be in a hot kitchen for three to four hours for the Bread of Life. With that in mind I cooked up chili last night. My chili isn't the best in the world, but that may be because I really don't like beans a lot, but it was filling. I use two cans of black beans instead of one to stretch it out. The family liked it well enough, so that is really all that matters. More red pepper next time though. There were no vegetables other than the tomatoes in the chili. I will have to make up for that this week, but making a salad would have been fruitless because they would fill up on chili and not eat it anyway.
The beans and hamburger were from many months ago when they were on sale. I believe the ground beef was 1.99 a pound and the beans were just regular price. The crushed tomatoes and cheese came from the food pantry and the chips (not pictured) were a cheap buy at the dollar store.

Besides the cheese and chips we had some leftover sour cream sitting in the fridge on its way out.

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