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Monday, July 5, 2010

July 4th Meal

There was really nothing patriotic about my food except the vegetables were all locally sourced in America. I am not sure what to do tonight because it is miserable hot and while we have a window unit air conditioner, it doesn't cool off the kitchen. Maybe it will make me sweat away the weight! LOL.
We had to go to the grocery, so while I was there I picked up some Italian sausages that were on sale, so I cooked them with some sweet white potatoes and then simply cooked beet greens and chard. The beet greens are very bitter, so I may just have to trash them next time we get beets with the greens attached. The only person in this house that doesn't like beets guessed it, Paige. Ah well, dinner is for everyone so those are the types of things she just has to deal with.

Ew, the plate is not pretty, but the greens look lovely. :)

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