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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Almost Time for School!!

I have some new bento equipment and have my list of things to stock up on for easy to put together bentos for school. On Monday and Wednesday I will be making at least two, maybe three because I will be at school from late morning to early evening and will need to have something to eat. I say three because I will also make my eldest daughter some if I can do it. She doesn't start school until early afternoon, so technically she would be fine without one.

Starting out fresh is very exciting. I am a little worried that I have only potstickers and pancakes in the freezer, but I hope to be adding mini quiches, meatballs and hamburgers, fried tofu and other fun foods that can be frozen. I am also going to make a carrot furikake with a recipe from Just Bento since Paige doesn't like any with the bonito flakes on her rice. She doesn't even like the nori, but will let me decorate with it when the soy paper is just not dark enough.

Paige has opened up her mind to many new ideas and is willing to try new things, she even said that she would try fish, and she loved the squid in my last post. Soon I may have to change the name of this Blog! Of course I am getting ahead of myself. Still, she has promised to be more adventurous since I will also be making one for myself and maybe Catherine. She doesn't want us stuck in a rut with the same old lunches all the time. Have I mentioned that she is a great kid?

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