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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First Day of School Bento

I had a plan for this bento, but this is what Pippy wanted, so I went with it since it is her first day of school. She is in 8th grade now, I can't believe it. Originally I was going to go with tea party fare, a cucumber sandwich (her fave), a mini quiche, some scones and other things like that. She on the other hand had a different idea.
My photos of it aren't that great. I am still practicing with light and backgrounds. At the suggestion of another blogger, I may try to create a light box. The only problem with that is that gives me one more thing to store, and my house is pretty filled up. I still can't seem to get the flash to turn off. It is also an old camera, gosh, I think that we have had it for almost a decade now. The images are sharp, which is good, but the options are a little hard to figure out.

This may look familiar. She not only loves rice for lunch, but ate some this morning with bulldog sauce. This has BBQ sauces over the top. On the other tier I made some strawberry fans, snow peas and pickled mango (mostly for color, I somehow doubt she will eat it). On the right are my mini hamburgers that were heated in BBQ sauce. Anything to get her to add some protein to her diet. She is very fussy about her protein.

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