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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Potstickers it is!

As usual I asked Pippy what she would like in her bento today and she immediately said "Pot stickers", so I had to use them. The ones we have are more like dumplings and pretty big so I took a bit of doing to get the three in there. I am either getting better and packing bento, or this new box is perfect for me. I will take pictures of the whole box that was got at Ebisuya this summer. Right now, I will just post pictures of lunch.

The browned dumplings are on the left with a few cuts of uncooked green beans to fill it in and give the dish some green. On the right of the divider are two mini blueberry muffins that I made a few weeks ago with cherry tomatoes to fill in the spaces. On the top of that mountain is a little monster head, I LOVE it. So cute. She is also packing a container of soy for her white rice which is in the other container (not shown).

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