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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It is a Family Affair

Today I made three bentos. Well, actually two and one bowl for my eldest who will be home for lunch. All three had a beef stir fry with rice for the main course. It took me about 20 minutes to make them all as my husband starts the rice when he wakes up so it is ready for me to cool and put into the bentos. When I got home from dropping off Paige it took me about 15 minutes to clean up. That is quite a bit of morning time being sucked up, but I get up early to counter balance it. The fact that I had cooked the green beans last night for dinner helped to speed up the assembly process.

This is the bowl I prepared for my eldest. I scattered some red bell peppers on the top for additional color since the green beans were a little pale.

This one is mine. It is in a small box because I want to keep my portion size down. While I am not actively dieting, I am looking more closely at serving sizes. This one also has some cantaloupe and English cucumber for filler with a bottle of soy.

This one is Paige's. It isn't the prettiest one I have ever done, but I know that she will like it.  The beef stir fry was done in a marinade of soy and mirin and then I stirred in some green beans from last night. Because she gets a bigger box I was able to fit in more melon and cucumbers.

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