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Monday, September 13, 2010

Noodle Rama

Instead of rice I am trying some udon noodles. My only fear is that even with the vigorous rinsing they will still be sticky. I stir fried them in some sauce, so hopefully that will help. We are also trying a new Japanese pickle. This one is a bright yellow daikon radish pickle which Catherine likes a lot. The rest are some old standbys. I fried the tofu before realizing that I have other left overs in the refrigerator to use up, so that will be tomorrow. I have a heavy school day, so I will have to do this before I go to bed.

While the top picture isn't bad, I was in a rush to take a picture of Paige's bento. There are the noodles and the yellow stars are the daikon radish. There is a bunch of cantaloupe balls because we have some left from last week and need to use it up. With the melon there are a few cherry tomatoes and an apple bunny. To the right there is some plain fried tofu.

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