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Friday, September 24, 2010

Stash Bento

For the life of me I couldn't get myself out of bed before 6:30, which means that I made a stash bento today rather than the falafel (homemade) that I planned to make. I will probably make some for the stash another time, like over the weekend.  What I did have were the mini hamburgers, pickled daikon, hoisin sauce and some broccoli.

My husband is so sweet that when he wakes up in the morning (earlier than me) he puts the rice on to cook in the rice cooker. It is usually all done when I am up and that saves valuable time getting things ready. I almost sprinkled some red sprinkles on the rice today, but fortunately I smelled it first and it smelled like fish. That is not something that Paige would appreciate, so I used some plum sesame seeds for some color on the rice.

On the top are daikon pickles cut into heart shapes, a half a plum which should be pretty sweet, blanched broccoli (that is how they stay so green) and the hamburgers cooked in a hoisin sauce. There is also a small bottle of soy shaped like a fish. Below is the rice sprinkled with the sesame seeds as previously mentioned. I also add a brownie to go with her lunch. I don't like making waste generally, but since I was so quick with the bento I thought that a treat was in order.

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