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Thursday, September 23, 2010


This is the first time I have used the bento made for onigiri, which are basically rice balls, in this case shaped into triangle. I seasoned it with some sushi vinegar to give it some flavor that isn't soy. We will see how this goes. The bottom tray doesn't hold a lot, but I got some protein and vegetables in there anyway.

Yesterdays boxes went over well. While my in my box the quiche got a bit soggy (but still edible), Paige and her friend did not have the same complaint. Everything was eaten, and that is good, though I do think that she skipped the tomatoes though I have no proof.

On top there is a cute little apple that I cut a checkerboard out of. Also, there is the onigiri with the sushi vinegar and sprinkled with two kinds of sesame seeds. On the bottom are raw green beans, more grape tomatoes which were incredibly sweet and the Japanese rolled omelet that I have made before. She really loves those and with the rice would gladly eat it much more often than I make it.

Since I have never used this one before, here is a picture of it all packed up. The box itself is an artificial lacquer that I got off of Jbox which runs out of Japan. I love their stuff.

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