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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

BBQ Pulled Beef

Today's bento is using some of the mass quantities of pot roast that we had left from last night. Yesterday was a long school day for me. I woke up at 5:30 to prepare bento and the crock-pot for dinner and didn't return home until six. I won't get into how exhausted one of my professors makes me feel whenever I am in class. All that aside, the pot roast we got was five pounds!! It was on sale, but wholey moley! Now I have plenty, so I will be using that instead of ground beef in some stuffed peppers for tonight, and this morning I added some prepared BBQ sauce and let it simmer a bit and cool before putting it into her lunch box. The rest is pretty standard. Did I mention that I am tired?

Besides the beef, she also has a mini blueberry muffin from my stash, some raw green beans cut up and half a plum, without the pit.  It is too bad you can't see the blueberries in the muffin though, it would have been a nice color to see in this.

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