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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Quiche, or as my daughter calls them "Qweeshes" are part of my bento stash right now. I made them a month ago with some puff pastry and an egg mixture inside regular muffin tins. I am not yet good at judging the size, so there was considerable overages on the puff pastry, but that was cured with a little snipping.

Paige has started to get to know a new (to her) child at school. She complained that her friend had to eat the lunches school provides. Apparently she is pretty much on her own most of the time as her father has to work three jobs to survive. It is pretty sad. Today I made her a bento too. I won't be able to do that a lot of course, but this bento was easy to make into three except for me trying to find filler for the spaces.

I also fried up all of the potatoes from our pot roast (I made stuffed peppers with most of the meat for last nights dinner). I just mashed them, added salt, pepper (they weren't well seasoned) and some garlic powder. I mixed that up and put it in some oil heated in my cast iron pan. There are some nice crispy bits, but there wasn't enough for three. Heck, there was barely enough for one, so I am just having more watermelon instead.

On the left is my daughters (I couldn't fit in a picture of her friend's). She has quiche, a sausage patty, tomatoes and watermelon. On the bottom she has a blueberry muffin from my stash, dried cranberries and the fried potatoes with some parsley on top. Yes, I cheated, but I didn't have any other green that would go (spinach would have been great for this). Mine is about the same but with no potatoes. I don't need the carbs anyway.

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