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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Two Little Maids at School

Paige and I both needed lunch today.  I packed us both the same foods, but each are packed a little differently. Paige had the two tier box which holds more food and I have a single tier box. I have to be honest though, I am finding that it doesn't completely fill me up. Maybe once I get used to it, after all in the past I never ate lunch at all. The contents are listed below the pictures.

First off is the fried rice. This was done at Paige's request a couple of days ago, but yesterday was no school and the rice has to sit in the refrigerator at least over night to dry a bit. This one has carrots, snow peas and baby corn with egg scrambled in. It is seasoned with soy and mirin. I use far less soy than most Chinese restaurants, so it is quite a bit healthier. On the other side is half a plum, carrot sticks, 1/2 a fig (the green kind, I am not sure how it will taste), and some more pickled daikon. I really love that stuff and it is fabulous with the salty rice.  I just wish that I had something red to go in there, but I woke up very late, so I didn't have time for a full refrigerator search.

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