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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rice and Eggs

Paige wanted me to make a Japanese rolled omelette (tamagoyaki) for lunch today, so I did. It is very easy to do. Just beat an egg (or 2 if you want a lot like I did) and pour in a light layer in a hot pan (a rectangle or square pan is easiest, but not necessary). Allow it to cook and then roll it towards one end while it is still wet. I used cooking chop sticks which made it pretty easy. Then, pour another layer, lifting the rolled egg a little so that some of the new layer gets under there. Roll it in the opposite direction and do it again or until all the egg is gone. Sometimes I put a little mirin in there for flavor, but I forgot to do it this morning. If you want to be completely traditional, you will want to flatten it a bit while it cools down. Then cut into sizes that will fit your bento box. Also, you can layer some baby spinach or other delicate cooking green on top of each layer and then roll. I love doing that because it is so pretty.
As per usual, there is rice in the box with a container of soy. I am probably going to use noodles next week sometime and am still ironing out the wrinkles in my tea time bento idea. I also made an apple bunny and a checkerboard apple for decoration. She will actually eat snow peas, so I rinsed and strung them for her lunch.

Along with the peas I peeled strips of carrot to mix up the color a bit and added a couple grape tomatoes. On top of the egg is a bear cut out of red pepper. It didn't come out as clear as I would like it, but the thought was there.

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