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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Potato Salad

Okay, potato salad isn't the main player here, but I had to cook it this morning and I am pretty happy that it really took very little time to make. Rice is an important part, as usual (but look out, I am branching out to Udon noodles soon) and it was fun giving it a little decoration. The picture isn't great as usual. I am thinking of getting a new camera at one point. Looking for great quality for cheap. Aren't we all?

The bottom tier has rice decorated with raw carrots cut into hearts. Plain rice just gets so bland after a while. She does put soy on it when she eats, but it needs a little pizzazz after I set it up.
On the top there is fried tofu that was drained and blotted and then reheated in a pan with some hoisin sauce. Over on the right I have a cup of potato salad that I made this morning. It was really easy. Slice the potatoes thin and it is done in a flash. Also in it are some salted English cucumbers that were squeezed out. I learned that from Cooking With Dog, let's see how she likes it. I skewered a few cherry tomatoes with green jewel picks and cut some snow peas in half after stringing them, and finally some raspberries for a fruit. I think I got the major colors in there. The raspberries weren't very good. I bought them yesterday and some had fuzz on them. I picked around that and washed them well and smelled them. No mildew or anything so they are fine. As my Gramma would say "that is how they make penicillin, it can't be all bad!" She was a product of the depression, so she threw very little out.

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