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Friday, March 26, 2010

My Fried Rice

Serves one

Oil to lightly coat the bottom of a skillet
1 small handful of chopped cooked meat of some sort or tofu or any other protein you like.
1/2 cup of day old rice from the fridge. It will dry a little in the refrigerator but not in the freezer.

Choose your vegetable

Peas (legume)
Corn (grain)
or anything else you have leftover like broccoli.

Several dashes of mirin
Several dashes of soy sauce
1 egg.

1. Heat oil in pan. Add rice and chop up (we use sticky rice in this house, so it tends to clump more). Add in chopped meat or alternative. If you are using a raw vegetable, be sure that it is cut small and put it in the pan right away to give it more cooking time.
2. Add mirin and soy and stir well
3. Scramble egg. Push all ingredients to the sides of the pan and pour in the egg. Cook until still a little underdone, and stir into the rest of the ingredients. The ambient temperature will cook the eggs through.
4. If using for bento, allow to cool before packing or allow the packed meal sit without a cover until cool.

I find I can sneak in a few things that Paige will not eat if I do it in this way.

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