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Friday, March 26, 2010

That Girl and her Rice

Seriously, if she just had rice and a little soy to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner she would, at least for now. It should come to no surprise then that when I asked what she wanted for lunch she requested chicken fried rice and chicken filled onigiri. Since I was tired and we had some rice and chicken leftovers, I acquiesced to her request. While this lunch isn't as balanced as I like it to be I did get some peas (not a vegetable, but at least a legume) and grapes in there too, so I don't feel entirely guilty.

On the top tier are cylindrical onigiri stuffed with chopped chicken in what the Japanese call "fruit and vegetable sauce" I could not read the characters to verify. I put some grapes in between them for color. On the bottom is chicken fried rice with peas. There is no egg in this because we ran out. I will post the very easy recipe on here at a later time **posted-link above**. Oh! we can't forget, there is a little bottle of soy in there too.

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