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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dazed and Confused

I totally forgot to post Pippy's bento today! I did take pictures, but with all the stress over exams (or rather one particular exam) I didn't post it. I made a little potato salad with some sliced mini zucchini in there and some spinach soaked in a little soy and mirin. I can get her to eat almost anything with soy and mirin, let us hope that it holds true today!

I tried to take a picture that would show off the pickled daikon candy-canes, but they are hard to see. There is the potato salad, which is really easy to make first thing in the morning, the spinach and some cut up chicken cutlet. The container on the side is filled with fruit and vegetable sauce. I love the container. I got a bunch for a dollar at the Family Dollar down the street. I am not terribly confident that they seal well though, so I wrapped elastic around it.

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