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Monday, December 13, 2010

Deep Fried Love

The star of the show are the shiu mai which I deep fried instead of steam, though that will give a nice flavor and texture. It is just that I have never deep fried in the morning before. Tomorrow I may try tempura since I have the oil out of the bottle already, might as well use it up.

What should be front and center ended up a little messy. I got the recipe and display idea from Kawaii Bento (For the record, that link is from my Amazon Associate account). Either my pan was just a bit too small or there was too much rice to put in it, so it tore a bit. I still like the bright red rice poking out from under the omelet though, very nice.

Looks a little washed out, behold my crappy photography lack of skill. Trust me though, there is red under that omelet and in real life it shows. Along with that and the dumplings I put some raw snowpeas and some wedges of a clementine there. Around the dumplings to fill in a bit is frozen corn. I probably should have used something more colorful though, like red bell pepper. Ah well, live and learn.

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