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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


It is very hard to be inspired when your gut is in a knot over an oral presentation in Spanish and you really suck at Spanish. Still, the child needed to eat, so I asked her opinion last night and she said that she wanted a rolled omelette. With that as a starting point there of course is rice and I made little tomato containers filled with shredded mozzarella cheese which I gleaned from Kawaii Bento Boxes (which is terribly handy to get the creativity flowing).

I tried to make the heart-shapes for the omelette as is shown in the book, but the roll wasn't round enough to make it work right. Still, a nice excuse for using the jewel picks. There is also some cucumbers cut on the bias and turned to make an interesting shape, some "baby" carrots sliced in half, a red tomato and two yellow tomatoes with the cheese stuffing. On the lid there is a strawberry filled marshmallow that we got at Ebisuya.

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