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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I guess technically these are not onigiri as they have no filling. I searched high and low for my sweet bean paste but couldn't find it and my girl is not fond of turkey which is the only meat in this house right now.

About the macaroni and cheese balls; they were a flop. She didn't like them at all. I asked her if she tried them with ketchup and she said "Oh, is that was that was for?". I love that kid.

On the top are two onigiri with a soy paper "handle" and filled out with those pretty heirloom tomatoes. In the bottom tray is a tofu and green bean stir fry in a soy and mirin glaze. On top are pretty leaves cut out of pickled daikon radish to give it a little bit of a Fall theme.


  1. Beautiful bento, very colourful! I especially love the leaves. I wish I had the cutters for those. An onigiri is actually technically just a rice ball so it doesn't have to have a filling to be onigiri! I've often had onigiri with no filling in Japan. So your onigiri bento was completely technically an onigiri bento! :D

  2. Thank you for your kind comments. I got the cutters off of, they were the first I have ever purchased.