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Monday, November 1, 2010

Poor Pippy

By now she is probably so sick of Korean BBQ that she would never want to see it again, and I don't blame her. It is delicious no doubt, but I don't want it going bad so she has had it in all of her bentos for the last week. Next time I will freeze a portion of it for later rather than keeping it fresh in the refrigerator.

This bento is nothing spectacular, and I am only posting it out of habit more than anything else. It was "clean out the fridge day", which may overlap into the next couple of days.

On the top are shaped onigiri. They look better in person, but I think if I were to use these molds again I would use salted water to dip them in rather than using spray oil and color the rice different colors to make them look like more than some clumps of rice. On the bottom I layered a bunch of baby spinach on the bottom of the tier, then put in three quail eggs, BBQ and a quick potato salad. I forgot to send her with some soy. I was very late this morning, and cooking everything really made me even more behind my regular bento schedule.

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