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Monday, November 29, 2010

Macaroni and Cheese Balls

As I have mentioned before, food shopping can be a family event around here. This weekend we hit Trader Joe's. There are a couple of days in the week that I do not get home until around 6:30, so the family needs something simple to make. Trader Joe's makes that pretty easy with all their pre made and fairly healthy selections. While we were there on Saturday, Pippy picked up these macaroni and cheese balls to try out. They are baked, so I had to get up early, but they cooled down fairly quickly. I hope that she likes them because I still have half a package to use up.

There is a lot of empty space which bothers me, but I didn't have a whole lot in the house small enough for those little spaces. We have the macaroni and cheese balls, some leftover turkey with hoisin sauce, a carrot and cucumber salad dressed with a little sushi vinegar and a scattering of mini heirloom tomatoes. I love their colors! I packed it all in her stainless steel bento because I thought that with the main attraction it might be too much food. Of course she probably isn't going to eat the turkey or tomatoes and the salad is a toss up.


  1. Those are really neat! We just had a Trader Joe's open up in our town, I'll have to go and see if we can find them. A-chan won't eat mac n cheese (I have the strangest 6 year old!) but she might eat the balls :) Thanks for giving me new inspiration!

  2. I was all excited, but Paige didn't like them. I even packed ketchup because that makes everything taste better but she couldn't figure out why I packed it, LOL! I think it is possible that our children are equally strange. :)