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Monday, November 22, 2010

Simple meal

Today's bento is pretty simple. We have green beans for Thanksgiving and there were plenty to share, so I blanched and then stir fried them with some red onions, soy and mirin. I doubt that she will eat them, but one can try. I also mixed some finely chopped carrot in with the rice after it was done cooking (she doesn't like cooked carrots) to add some color. We have these little open faced dumplings that we get from Ebisuya that are made with pork and shrimp. Oddly enough, she likes them. I also put some Japanese soda hard candies for a treat.

This one took very little time this morning which is good because I have to get ready for a long school day today. The cooling of everything took the most time to be truthful. I haven't been buying things specifically for bento because our grocery budget was shot with the Thanksgiving meal. At least we will have plenty of leftovers after. Mmmmm, turkey soup!

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