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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Full of Protein

As the title suggests, this is a protein packed lunch. Pippy doesn't usually eat meat unless it is in her bento and even then she doesn't tell me what she doesn't eat unless it was really bad. Last night we had steak and I didn't even bother putting any on her plate because I knew that she wouldn't eat it. There are vegetables hiding in there and some fruit, but mostly it is fried rice (with egg) stuffed in bean curd skins and fried tofu. Again, not a lot of variety, but hopefully enough to keep her eating.

The top tier looks messy, but that is the bean curd skins (we call the tofu skins) stuffed with a yummy stir fry that has carrots, bell pepper, corn and peas in it. I stuffed a couple of grape tomatoes in there too, but I doubt that she will eat them. On the bottom there is simply fried tofu and frozen mango. It isn't packed as tightly as I like, but I couldn't find anything in the house to fill in the space and still be yummy. Fortunately she keeps it upright when carrying and storing it.

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