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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Little Decorative

I have made a little challenge for myself and that is to make a bento that is not only nutritious, but is also decorative once a week. Usually I do try to make it visually appealing, but I don't always cut out cute shapes or anything. Notice I didn't say "Charaben" (those are the cute character bentos). The reason for this is two fold. One is that I am not that talented. The other is that I have found most of them seem to be made with white American cheese and colored somehow. They are cute, but American cheese rarely tastes good with what I usually put in her bento box. Since today is her last school lunch for the week, I tried to make this one decorative. It isn't much, but still pretty.

The cucumbers have been cut into "flowers" with a dab of chopped pickled red ginger. The little tomato also has petals, but it is hard to see in the photo. In addition, there are BBQ meatballs, carrots and teeny bits of fried tofu. The bottle contains BBQ sauce for her rice and tofu and I sprinkled plum sesame seeds on top for some contrast. I am sure that with practice I will be making much prettier ones, but this is a start.

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