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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chicken Kara-age

Here is another bento courtesy of the Just Bento Cookbook. On the top is the chicken kara-age, which I think tastes delicious, but will have to wait on Pippy for the final verdict, laid upon a leaf of green oak lettuce with a flower container of cooked spinach with a little butter and sprinkled with sesame seeds. On the bottom is rice decorated with pickled ginger and some kiwi which is currently her favorite fruit. I had planned on more, but although my husband heard my alarm go off at 5, I slept through it and stayed in bed until 6! Love that man, but geesh.
The soboro yesterday was a hit, and she ate the whole thing. They won't let her sit with her friends at lunch anymore because now everyone sits with their homeroom because things get loud otherwise, the horror! Because of this, her friends were not at hand to help her eat it.

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