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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Just Bento Bento

I took out my trusty The Just Bento Cookbook and made ham roll-ups. So far she is liking all of the recipes I have used with the small complaint that the chicken yesterday was cut too big. That is easy enough to fix. I made the roll-ups the night before as was suggested. I was a little worried that the spreadable cream cheese that I used wouldn't firm up enough, but it was easy enough to cut through with a serrated knife. The tamagoyaki is how I normally make it, not with the recipe provided for this lunch. I also made the spinach that surrounds it all with a little bit of soy. There is also rice in the other box, but I didn't decorate it like it was suggested in the book because I couldn't find the carrot I had used and didn't want to cut up another.

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