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Monday, February 14, 2011


Last night I made a delicious turkey soboro for today's bento. This morning I cooked the carrots as the Just Bento cookbook did, except I cut the carrots into hearts rather than thin sticks. I was dubious about the eggs because when you "over cook" scrambled eggs they tend to exude liquid, but it worked out fine. I also used the Just Bento recipe, a dash of salt and a little sugar. The green beans were called soboro in the book, but were easily made as they were simply chopped up and simmered in salted water. All of this was layered with rice that I had in the freezer. I do wish I had a slightly smaller one tier bento, as I had to nearly double the serving for the turkey and used two eggs instead of one. Pippy self regulates pretty well though, so I will either get a lot back or she will share with her friends. I sliced up some kiwi for her in the container that came with the ecolunchbox.

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