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Monday, February 7, 2011


Today's bento has a heart theme. The container which holds the pickles (both a cabbage one from the The Just Bento Cookbook and the prepackaged burdock root pickle) and some pretty white and purply red ones on the rice. I heated up some pre made meatballs that I had in the freezer and made a sprout and red bell pepper stir fry that I also got from Just Bento. The tofu patties that I made from that cookbook were a success, so if these two go over well I will probably do a nice review for the book when I get a chance. In with the meatballs are some cut up red grapes. The meatballs are a little sweet, so it should work nicely together.


  1. Hey, I had bean sprout salad in my bento too today! The recipe (from the World Food Café) asked for bell pepper but I forgot to buy any :( No worries, it was still tasty! Will post my bento tonight when I come home, but I put up the recipe yesterday. It may be too spicy for a kid though!

    Looking forward to your review of the JustBento cookbook!

  2. I will definitely take a look at your recipe. Pippy has expressed an interest in things that are a little more spicy. Progress in baby steps. :)