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Monday, March 21, 2011

Back in the Saddle Again

Spring break is over, and so begins the morning ritual of bento making again. Today's bento was relatively simple, but I did add a couple of decorative touches to it. The rice is self explanatory, and I put a pitted pickled plum on it for color if not taste. Maybe she will give it a try again since it is an acquired taste. In the big section of our bunny bento, there is a checkerboard apple slice, carrot flowers decorated with cut outs of a white carrot. Steamed broccoli in my newish microwave steamer, which I am loving so far, and some Korean barbecue pork. I had more to add, but there wasn't enough room.
Happy Spring everybody, and if you get a chance try this auction that directly benefits charity for Japan: Bento4Japan which is through ebay. Things are getting added all the time, so you can just keep checking.

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