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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fried Rice and Fruit

Yesterday we had curry leftovers which Pippy loved so much she wanted to take it to school in a thermos. So, the curry, which had mini rice balls in it rather than meat, went into a heated thermos for her. While nutritious, it was not very photogenic.
The same could be argued about today's bento. On the top there is a simple fried rice (egg, carrots and peas) and on the bottom there is kiwi, oranges segmented and halved grapes. A little more vegetable would have been good, but I was feeling a little lazy and wasn't sure how to fit it in the shallower tier.
Don't forget! Many bento artists from Twitter are holding an auction for Japan relief efforts. It is at ebay under bento4japan.

And don't forget "What's For Lunch Wednesday"!

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