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Friday, October 8, 2010

End of the Week

Wow, I am tired. I can't wait to sleep in tomorrow and catch up on some sleep. I slept past my alarm again. It seems to get worse as the week wears on. I doubt that the stress of school is helping much.

Fortunately, we had some chicken nuggets leftover from dinner the other nights, (last night was corn chowder and there wasn't any left, LOL). This was hastily put together. A friend of mine gave me her old phone but I have to sit down and figure out the settings and how it works. I did try to get a few pictures, but they were either washed out or ended up being video and not pictures.

Yep, I tried to spell the word "Love" on the rice with pickled ginger. At least it can be read, I really am tired this morning. The bottom is washed out, but there are all white meat chicken nuggets, sugar snap peas, a couple of bitty grape tomatoes and a half a plum. In front of the plum is a cut green container holding ketchup and the other bottle holding soy.

Hopefully Tuesday's lunch will be better. Happy Long Weekend to those of you who get one, and have a great weekend to those who don't get Monday off.

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