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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Summer Sausage

Summer sausage is not the main ingredient, but it is the title because we have never had it before. Let me back track a little. My husband has recently started applying for all kinds of samples. The one we got in yesterday were teeny packages of bite sized summer sausage. They were so cute I just had to add it to the bento.

I am running out of different things to put in her bento lately. Mostly I am having issues with proteins as she is picky about that. I could serve her BBQ meatballs everyday and she wouldn't complain. Also, the vegetables are getting a little old. She doesn't really like the winter vegetables available here, and finding red things that aren't those awful winter tomato? So hard.

Today we went with a fried rice, the summer sausages on a bed of baby spinach and a couple of decorated apples. Maybe tomorrow we will go with a sandwich, but of course no peanut butter due to an allergic table mate.

The fried rice has carrots, onions, green bell pepper, peas, rice and egg. I also seasoned it with just a little soy sauce and mirin. On the right are the sausages, a checkerboard apple and a rabbit apple. I will eventually make a good rabbit apple, but I need more practice, and maybe a sharper paring knife. In the back are some pita chips that I added to fill in the space so it wouldn't shift too much. You can barely see it, but there is a bed of baby spinach under the sausages.

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