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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Make it Pink!

The reference to the title of this post is from Sleeping Beauty. The fairy godmother's were arguing over whether her gown should be blue or pink. When Pippy was little she dressed as a fairy for Halloween and would touch everything with her wand and yell "Make it pink!!".  Okay, it was cute at the time.

Everyone has been making pink bentos for Breast Cancer Awareness month, so I thought that I would try my hand at it. I failed pretty miserably though. I didn't have any red food coloring for the eggs, so I tried to make a dye with old beets I found in the produce drawer. It wasn't as intense as I hoped that it would be. Maybe I should have shredded the beets and used less water for extraction.

That being the case, the egg shaped "heart" (large eggs don't seem to take to my egg molds very well) is a very, very light pink and I hope that the pickled ginger and the shirt I used for the backdrop will suffice. I have no idea where they are being entered as I think that there is a place to do so.

For the beef teriyaki I had a large top sirloin (London broil) that I cut into small pieces and froze so that making a small beef dish would be easier in the morning. I find that if you cut them into strips first you get frost bite faster and the meat loses more juices in the cooking. The sauce was the first time I used a bottled type, so I hope that she likes it.

Awe, the heart is barely even visible in this picture. On the top, from left to right is a blueberry mini muffin, the "pink" heart shaped egg and some teriyaki steak. Under the muffin and egg are sugar snap peas cut on the bias. There is a little monkey container that has mayonnaise in it for the egg should she choose to give that a try. Below is a bed of white rice with four heart shaped cut outs of pickled daikon and it is surrounded with the dark pink pickled ginger. On the top is a fish shaped container with soy in it.

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