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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

That Girl and Her BBQ Sauce

I usually ask Pippy what she wants for her bento the day before if I didn't have plans already. This week I didn't make plans because of the holiday and because I have been studying the Spanish really hard which takes up a great deal of time. Today she wanted BBQ meatballs and rice. I know, not terribly original. I did try to shake things up a bit with some black mission figs though. I see all these beautiful vegetables that others are using in their bento and honestly the only unusual think I have ever found was the purple sweet potato at H-mart. Problem is, the girl doesn't like sweet potato, and honestly, it isn't all that great cold, it seems to get a little dried out.

I did splurge and order from ecolunchboxes because all the cool kids were doing it. A little expensive if you ask me, but I am going to be using it as soon as it comes in. I am pretty excited because it is an oval with a small nesting container with a resealable top. I am trying to come up with something cool for it. I don't have a lot of bento boxes, but I am gathering a bit of a collection. The first ones I bought are kind of out of commission. They were cute and came in a bag with two short handles, but no band to hold the boxes together. The bag on one is so faded from many uses and Pippy's got moldy because she didn't wash it out in time and the plastic wouldn't let go of the moldy flavor.

Wow, that looks so much better on the scarf! There is the prerequisite rice covered in BBQ sauce, and on the top there are carrot sticks underneath, a poorly done apple bunny and some black mission figs cut in half to show off the pretty insides. On the other side of the divider are BBQ meatballs and barely cooked broccoli. I generally under cook the broccoli until it just turns bright green then stop the cooking in cold water. Pippy prefers most of her vegetables uncooked, so this is a compromise. Shockingly, she did eat some roasted carrots last night without me having to prompt her. This is probably due to her not eating any chicken and being quite hungry. Still, she mostly ate the potato and I don't think that she even tried the roasted red onions which were fantastic. I may or may not do a pink box this month, I haven't decided yet.

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