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Friday, October 1, 2010

Having a Hard Time Getting Going

I was so exhausted that I slept through my alarm not once, but twice. My husband had to come in to wake me up. That meant a speedy bento for Pippy. I used my mini hamburger stash and snow peas for the main course and grated some carrots to make her rice pretty. Hopefully there is enough sauce in the meat for her rice, because I forgot the soy sauce. I also used strawberries as a filler with the checkerboard apple on top. I had originally tried for a bunny, but that ended horribly with people in tears.

So, her lunch isn't terribly original, but that is usually the case.  When I get some money I plan on trying out some new ingredients on her like shrimp and such.

The cloth behind the bento is the bag she takes it to school in. I also added a couple of mini blueberry muffins on the side, so we did use a sandwich bag today. The is really a bad bento because it isn't filled up all the way. I should have built up some fillers on both sides, but again, not really with it this morning.

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