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Thursday, October 28, 2010

New Bento Box!

My ecolunchbox finally came in. I have been so excited for this. Pippy went for the oval one, which comes with a seal able container for the inside which I didn't use today. The bag that is comes in is so cute and there are napkins and a bamboo combo fork and spoon (not a spork though). The insides are nothing special today. I have to clean out my refrigerator because I know that there are some good things in there to be had.

Pretty normal lunch for today. Rice with a dollop of pickled ginger and some pickled daikon radishes cut like deformed hearts (the radish wasn't completely round), more of the Korean BBQ because I can't let it go bad and for some reason H-Mart doesn't sell them in small containers. I also cut up some carrot sticks and nestled grape tomatoes in there to keep things steady.

This is the box all packed up. I will have to take some pictures of the bag and napkins at one point too. Really great quality product.

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