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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sometimes You Just Have to Wing It

Okay, I didn't completely wing it. I had some idea before I went to bed that I had frozen rice and potstickers, but how to add color? I wasn't clear on that part. Fortunately, I had a pomegranate, baby spinach and carrots to help me out. I miss all the produce of the Spring and Summer, though I am okay without the hot days.

The little lump in the middle of the rice is umeboshi. I know that it isn't the bright red that they usually are, but that is the way they came. I was hoping that they would be a little less tart then its brightly colored sisters. The pomegranates are in the little blue silicon cut and nestled over bean sprouts are some cooked broccoli that I mixed with a little mirin and a touch of salt for some added flavor. No soy, because I didn't want to discolor them. The potstickers are self explanatory, but underneath them are sticks of carrots and baby spinach. On the topmost tier, where the chopsticks live, I spelled out Pippy's name with cinnamon alphabet cookies from Trader Joe's. The P is actually a backwards nine and it took me forever to find and A, but I did it, LOL.

I really have to start planning bentos again. They come out so much nicer if I at least have a bit of a plan ahead of time to work with. Just Bento has a print out sheet for planning the weeks bento. I have used it once and it is helpful for organizing what you have and some tentative meals (there are always last minute changes in my experience).

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