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Thursday, April 15, 2010

I Surrender!

Just for today though. We just don't have enough in the fridge. We have an overload of parsnips, carrots and sweet potato, but nothing more of note. I just couldn't bring myself to make one today. I will put more thought into it tomorrow. There is a list on Just Bento that can be downloaded and used to plan out your weeks bento. I have it on the computer but haven't actually used it. I will try to fit in filling it out this weekend and report back. It is supposed to make things much easier.

Also found out that Paige can not bring peanut products to school any more because some mother got upset that the kids with the serious allergies had their own table. So, a cheap source of nutrition is denied me and my daughter because keeping the kid's safe made one mother angry. I know folks with severe allergies and they say that they are the ones responsible for keeping them selves safe, not everyone around them. What next? Apples? She had a kid in her class who was deathly allergic to even to touch apples. I am mostly angry for the other parents, those who still pack sandwiches. Many in her school are low income and certainly can't afford cold cuts and rarely have leftovers because of a strict food budget.

That is my rant for the day.


  1. I never thought that kids
    A) would have allergies of that caliber
    B) would be quarantined

    Another reason I never intend on breeding....

  2. My sister in law is deathly allergic to ginger!

    The peanut thing really is unfortunate. Miss Thia won't eat anything I send from home and we can afford to pay the school to feed her, but we're a lot better off than many of the families that are sending kids to Somerville schools. This year we didn't get the peanut warning, but it's still nerve wracking.

    OTOH, you may be able to send Paige in with cashew, almond or sunflower butter or some other variant. I know cashew is much less allergenic and tastes like a creamier peanut butter and almonds aren't actually nuts so almond butter should be safe. I'll cross my fingers that Miss Paige will like them.

  3. Those types of butters are extremely expensive though, and we did try almond butter and everyone thought it was gross. Fortunately for me, peanut butter is hardly ever in the bento, I just feel for the other kids and parents for whom peanut butter is what they can afford.
    As to the other comment, the kids aren't quarantined, they just sit together at another lunch table, just like my daughter is assigned to a lunch table.