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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hubby FTW!

My sweet husband woke up late so had to call in to work. Seeing as he then had extra time, he sent me back to bed while he made Paige's lunch and got her off to school. This was sweet in and of itself (though I forgot that I had an appointment, but that is my fault), but he took pictures too! There are three and he really did a great job! I hope that Paige appreciates it, I haven't put that much effort into her bento in a while. I wish I had his knife skills, he never even practiced!

Just look at those oranges! They are adorable with the black raspberry in the center. The little bottle has soy for the onigiri:

It is hard to see because he had to use soy paper rather than nori, but those are two little faces, I think that they are cats. Not bad at all!

Last but not least is a butter roll with chocolate. I am sure that there is a Japanese name for it since Catherine made it and the directions were not translated well. These are delicious by the way.


  1. Wow! Go Pete! I am verrray impressed!

  2. I know, AND he knew enough to take pictures!