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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday's Bento: Udon and Peanut Sauce

I am trying something new on Paige. Today it is peanut sauce. Having a picky child usually means covering things in sauce. She likes ketchup as much as most kids, but I have been able to expand her sauce repertoire in hoisin, Korean BBQ and soy. Now, in most cases the sauces aren't nutritionally sound, but if I can cover up those things that are good for her, then I can sometimes get her to try the whole dish. Today I only put chicken and peas in it, as they are good basics for trying a new sauce out.

Up top are some little carrots which sometimes she will eat and sometimes no. Maybe if she dips it in with the noodle's sauce? Beneath that are grapes sliced in half and a strawberry fan on top. I have to practice that more. To the right is a dish of udon noodles, peas, and leftover chicken cutlet.

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