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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

No School Bento

Paige was not feeling well so I ended up letting her stay home from school today, but not until after I made her bento for lunch. The box I am using is not a traditional bento box, but one I found from Lock an Lock. It has four little separators that can be removed. So far I have been removing two for the rice or main dish and today I used it for a place to put a sandwich.

You can really use anything for a bento. The goal is to have a balanced meal and to pack it so that there isn't a lot of shifting during transport. Today's bento has vanilla yogurt with diced pineapple in it, so if she did bring it to school she would have to be careful and keep it flat. I have used those cheap containers you can get in the foil and bag aisle at the grocery. Just make sure that you don't microwave anything that isn't safe to microwave. The traditional type of bento I have can be microwaved with the tops off of it, not that Paige has access to a microwave at school.

This bento has a peanut butter and nutella sandwich with the crusts removed and cut in half lengthwise (rather than the normal way because it fits better). At the right corner is a nice salad of mixed greens, carrots and mixed dried fruit. The container has raspberry salad dressing in it. On the bottom left is the vanilla yogurt with chopped fresh pineapple.

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