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Monday, May 3, 2010

Interesting Day

Today is day 2 1/2 for the boil water order around here. It is expected that we will have a least a few more days of it as the water is purged and tested. The only real issue for us is that the house is getting even hotter and more humid than it is outside, which is pretty bad. That brings me to the bento today. I needed it to be easy to make and require few dishes since they all need to be sanitized in bleach water after washing, which is  a pain in the rear.  I asked Paige what she would like of course, to give me ideas and she was mostly into the raspberries I bought and of course, sticky rice. The only thing that needed cooking, and we have a rice cooker so no problems there.

The top section is a mixture of cantaloupe, raspberries, blackberries, orange segments and apple. Below that is rice mixed with....Real Bacon Bits. Yep, her two favorite things, bacon and rice. The bits are rendered of most of the fat. We used it in our corn chowder last night and Paige mentioned that she liked it. What is really great is that I didn't have to use a pan and don't have a sauce bottle to clean.

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