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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I have no bento to share today. We found Paige with a fever last night, and the current rules are that she needs to be without a fever for 24 hours before going back to school, so I didn't bother making a bento for her. She still had her appetite last night though, even though she was all plugged up (sick AND allergies, poor kid). There is a reason I am mentioning this because I learned something at dinner last night.
First of all, we had twice baked potatoes for dinner. These are not the most nutritious items in the world, but everyone loves them so I make them occasionally. Also with dinner was fried zucchini. Now, no one in my family likes cooked zucchini, but Catherine does like it raw. Paige hates it when she thinks I am trying to trick her into believing they are cucumbers. I remember my mother doing that to me with food, one time liver was "steak".. ewww, so I would never do that.
The important part of dinner, besides Pippy eating an entire potato and asked for more, is that both girls tried the zucchini and said "not bad". This is as good as it gets. Other than zucchini bread, this is the only other way I have discovered they will eat it. We get a lot in our organic deliveries, so anyway to get them to eat it so that there isn't any waste pleases me greatly. While I didn't get a cheer, they will eat it, so I am happy. Now to figure out a way to keep it crispy in a bento box.

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