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Monday, May 24, 2010

Stocking up

One convenience food that we get is dumplings. The pot sticker kind. We found some vegetable ones that Paige liked, so we are using those, though I wonder if that was a good idea since she doesn't usually like meat and won't eat protein alternatives except for fried tofu. Today's lunch included the last of the pork ones though, since I really hate wasting food.
We had a breakfast for dinner last night, so when I had made enough pancakes I made tablespoon sized ones and froze them individually for a bento meal. You should see one this week sometime. Being on a tight budget, it is a good idea to take leftovers in bento sized amounts and freeze them for future lunches. Meatballs (made small) are an excellent stock up too, and you can use a sweet and sour sauce, tomato sauce or BBQ, or really anything that suits your fancy. I also freeze my chicken (that I purchase when on sale) in separate pieces then throw it in a bag. That way I can take out just one breast at a time. A bento can't hold an entire breast though, so be ready to use it in different ways for a couple of days.
I do rely almost exclusively on Boston Organics for my produce, so I have to work around that. I do buy a thing or two at the grocery, like this week I got plantains and apricots, but most of it comes in my much anticipated 29 dollar box.

This one has the dumplings which are a nice crispy brown on the bottom and were cooled before putting them in. Under the dumplings is a bed of organic Asian salad, which probably won't get eaten, but one can hope. Because I really stuffed those dumplings in, there are two soy bottles filled with dumpling sauce. On the bottom are a few "baby" carrots, snow peas and a cut up tangelo.

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