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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tuna Problems

According to my child, the tuna spilled some juice in her lunch bag. I find this odd since the covers were put on tight and there was an elastic holding it all together. Of course this means no more tuna in her lunch. She won't even try hard boiled eggs because she didn't like the smell of the one that her classmate brought in for lunch. So, two more proteins out the window.
Tomorrow I will get up early and cook her some potstickers which, aside from rice, is her favorite lunch. Fortunately, there are vegetables in there, though I wish I could have room for more. Despite her hating anything pork related other than bacon, I find it odd that she likes ground pork in her dumplings. I don't think that I will ever figure her out. Oh, I know! I will blanch some broccoli florets and push them between the potstickers. That should do.
Today I got up late accidentally on purpose, so we scrounged some change and she is having soup today.


  1. I love your kids, but the more I read about Paige's eating habits...the more I need to kill that child :)

  2. It is hard for me too, I have always had an intolerance for picky eating. I mean, I understand some things, like spinach (though I love it) or liver, but normal stuff? Makes me crazy.

  3. my mom/dad/Italian grammy made me try EVERYTHING once...and then have me tell them WHY I didn't like it...which I now try to do when I come across a picky eater...the fish thing was solved when I was three, and we were picking up fish for dinner; and I walked into the market, breathed in, then calmly walked out and *varnished* the welcome mat

  4. I do the same thing with Paige as I did with Catherine. Catherine will try anything, multiple times even. There are a couple of things she just won't eat, but she always gives it a try first. Pippy will sit there and starve before trying anything.

  5. Pippy is hardcore like that...hee hee