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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Boxed Love

No, you will not find fun little cut outs in this bento. I really should do a "cute" one soon though. I just need to get some extra vegetables like carrots and sweet potatoes since my vegetable box isn't coming with those now that it is spring. My local grocer also has mini corns, which are adorable.
This bento is uninspired to be honest. The girl child wanted fried rice, so that is what I made. She did not ask for broccoli, but that is just tough toenails. I hope that she eats it. I reached for my last apricot since she says the one yesterday got ketchup on it from the scrambled eggs, but the last one was too soft to cut in half and her bento can't handle it whole, though that would have been awesome. Maybe I will make or at least prep her bento for tomorrow tonight. We will see.

On the top is a fried rice with green onions, cut up snow peas, green pepper, peas and egg for protein. On the bottom are blanched broccoli, a little Japanese jello shooter, some dried mixed fruit to fill in a little and an apple bunny. Not the best, but I am getting better at it. I plan to start working on my knife skills soon. I can chop like no one's business, but I am going to have to practice the detail stuff.

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