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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Easing Back to School

It is a mess out there and it is just snow. I am not looking forward to the change over to rain at all. The 10 both way drive to drop off Pippy took me 40 minutes today. I don't mind being cautious, but that was ridiculous.
Today's bento isn't fancy and doesn't use any interesting dishes besides giving her a serving of seaweed salad procured at Ebisuya for her to try. She probably will not eat the tomatoes, but they are pretty! Otherwise it is a standard pot sticker bento today.
I was also having trouble with the focus on the camera today. No matter what I tried the picture came out fuzzy, so it is back to the manual for me to see what I did wrong. Following the bent is a weird picture. It was the last photo I attempted for the bento, but it did not come out that way. If all of my pictures came out that way, I would have assumed it was the camera, but it was just this one shot out of seven. Weird.

On a note, I changed nothing on the camera before taking this shot. It was the same settings that I used for the last three photos. Weird.


  1. The Bento spirits are visiting your camera??

  2. No kidding right? My youngest insists that our house is haunted, and I have had a couple of strange things happen to me (hearing voices) but I chalked it up to imagination or half sleeping since it only happens at night. This is something that has never happened to me since we got a digital camera.